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Persecuted and Saved
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Seminar in Berlin (November 25 to 27, 2013)

On 25, 26 and 27 November 2013 the third seminar organized under the project "Chased and free. The escape across the Pyrenees of Jewish refugees and Allies during the Second World War" was held in Berlin.

After the seminars that took place in Sort in July and in Paris in September, the third activity scheduled was a training trip to meet the experience and career of one of the international partners of the project: the Topography of Terror Memorial.

The Topography of Terror Memorial is an institution with an international reputation in the field of memorial work since its objective is to transmit historical information on the National Socialism and its crimes.

This institution is one of the most visited memory places in Berlin: 900,000 visitors attended in 2012.

 The program included working sessions designed to meet the exhibitions, work and objectives of the Topography of Terror Memorial, besides sharing knowledge. Complementary activities and visits were organized to learn about other projects and memory spaces in the city of Berlin.

The program of the study days was as follows:

Monday, November 11

9.00 h. Visit to the Memorial to Homosexuals and Sinti and Roma Memorial

9:30-10:30 h. Visit to the Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Denkmal Stiftung) and explanation about the audiovisual file project with witnesses by staff at Memorial

11:30 h. Jewish Museum Session: "The Jews and the Third Reich"

13:00 h. Meeting with Ms Monika Flores, curator of the permanent exhibition

14.00 h. Lunch at museum cafe

15:30 h. Visit to the interpretation project of the square in Schöneberg district, "Orte des Erinners", and the old Jewish quarter

18:30 h. Visit to the exhibition at Otto Weidt's Museum and Workshop for blinds

20:30 h. Dinner


Tuesday, November 26

10-12 h. Visit to the installations and exhibitions at Topography of Terror Memorial, by Iliana Sánchez Roa

12-13:30 h. Seminar with Ms. Elke Gryglewski from Haus der Wannsee - Conference on the following topic: How has Germany dealt with the issue of memory?

15:15 - 17 h. Working session (Topography of Terror)

  • Thomas Lutz, director of Topography of Terror Memorial, presents the institution and reflects on how Germany has dealt with the memory issue in recent decades.
  • Josep Calvet: Franco's government and the Holocaust
  • Marta Simón: The Blue Division and Spanish workers in Nazi Germany and their encounter with the Holocaust, especially in Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union
  • Mireia Boya: The transmission of memory and witnessing


Wednesday, November 27

9:00 h. Transfer from hotel to the concentration camp in Sachsenhausen (minibus)

10:00 h. Guided tour to the Museum and Memorial at Sachsenhausen concentration camp, by Iliana Sánchez Roa

12:30 h. Transfer to airport

The trip offered the opportunity to learn about the activities at partner Topography of Terror Memorial, specialized in transmitting the memory and studying the Nazi period from the point of view of perpetrators.

The different sessions and visits allowed seeing up close the settings of some of the hardest episodes of Jewish persecution during World War II in the city of Berlin. Several activities aroused a special interest: working sessions at Memorial and the Sachsenhausen concentration camp by Ms Iliana Sánchez Roa, the meeting discussion by Mr Thomas Lutz, the encounter with Ms Monika Flores, curator of the permanent exhibition at Jewish Museum in Berlin and the workshop about how Germany dealt with memory issues by Ms Elke Gryglewski.